luni, 19 iulie 2010

Overview of a Manual Traffic Exchange

A traffic exchange is very much like a website that provides free traffic to its client websites. You see, often, visitors who surf the net are very restless and do not wish to spend more than 20 seconds in a website. In this method a user is not directly sent to any website, because in such a case the user may click away in some seconds.
Instead, with a traffic exchange, the user is directed to other advertisements which generally contain a better description and details about the actual product or service. The user is attracted with the benefits and offers of the website and goes ahead to know more about the website. In this way the website gets their desired traffic.
Traffic exchange can be done in several ways. One such main method of getting good traffic is through squeeze pages. These pages are like advertisements and usually have headlines, a small description and also auto responders. However, a web visitor is required to provide address where e-mails along with other information can be sent. This has a prolonged effect on the user.
There are two main kinds of programs in traffic exchanges. These are classified as manual traffic exchange programs and automatic programs that are known as auto surfs. If you are really interested in getting manual traffic exchange you can get different kinds of advertising for your website. These will be mainly through splash pages, lead capture pages, text links, banners for the promotion and also affiliate sites. All these are best forms of promotion for websites. The benefits of such manual traffic exchange are many. You get to promote your website and get some high quality targeted traffic for your website, bringing more leads and profits.

Visitors are usually attracted to the website through different forms of advertising. The website is promoted through advertisements and banners. Interesting and informative content is presented in these advertisements with the help of graphics and animation to arouse the interest of the user. The user develops an interest to know more and clicks on to the ad or fills up information. The purpose of the advertisement is served and the website is promoted.

Happy surfing!